Last March 22-24 2017 Weida Philippines Inc joined Water Philippines 2017 with the theme of "Water and Sanitations for a Better Future".

On the exhibit Weida Philippines Inc showcase its Rain Harvesting system (RHS) that can cater from residential , industrial and commercial applications. During the exhibit , Weida set up a mock-up of a Rain Harvesting System for a residential using the Rejang series, Rejang series is compose of a Down Pipe Filter , First Flush Diverter and a Rejang water storage tank with 600L capacity as a whole system. The system is made up of Polyethylene materials which is mechanical treatment that is producing water suitable for a wide range of non-potable usage. A lot of developer ,designer and government sectors were very much interested because of the aesthetic design of the residential Rain Harvesting storage tanks and since some of the areas in the country were having a mandatory requiremnts for the said system.


Weida also launches POLYCEPTOR, it is a local manufactured centralized oil and grease separator to cater big discharge from the commercial areas such as coffee shops, restaurants/food parks, food processing factories, and wet markets before it goes through a sewage treatment to avoid clogging.