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WEIDA Rainsaver Tank


The Weida Prainsaver Tank is a rain water filter system that addresses consumers' water-saving needs. Featuring a buil-in flush diverter, the tank prevents an initial 25 liters of rain water run-off containing fine debris, from entering the tank. Once diverter. Rainwater is then diverted to the Rainsaver Tank. The first flush diverter will then reset itself by slowly draining off the initial rainwater and debris thru the drainage pipeline, after which it will be emptied and ready for the next rainfall.

Product Features and Advantages

  • Consumer Benefits: The Rainsaver Tank cleans rainwater, making it a useful water-source for non-portable usese such as laundry, general cleaning, toilet flushing and garden watering.
  • Durability: Like any other Weida product, the Rainsaver Tank is made of premium grade polyenthylene material which provides exceptional durability and maximum UV protection for outdoor use.
  • Leak-Prook: Being a roto-moulding specialist, Weida developed the Rainsaver Tank as a single piece moulding without joints and weld through an advanced rotational moulding process, making it leak prook.
  • WEIDA Rainsaver Tank definitely saves on water usage, resulting in Real poso savings. So for effective water storage needs, one can count on WEIDA to provide affordable and effective products.