Weida specialized an underground water tank that will provide an outstanding  cistern tank than of the conventional unsturdy and leaky concrete tanks.

The underground water tank is a quality Polyethylene tank made using a Roto-moulding process in order to make a wide range of water storage requirements and applications.

Underground water tanks use food grade polyethylene resin that is FDA approved suitable for all sorts of water(salted, potable , mineralized or rain water) and will not make any kind of chemical reactions. Underground water tank that will make your construction faster for its easy installation and no on-site assembly.

The tanks offer an extensive range of sizes to cater the household and commercial requirements.




  • Individual residential houses.
  • Underground rain water tank.
  • Public water supply.
  • Commercial buildings (Shops, club house and offices)
  • Private resorts
  • Cost saving vs other underground water tanks.
  • No costly maintenance
  • One-piece seamless
  • leakproof
  • Food grade materials
  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Lightweight for easy handling and installation

MODEL                CAPACITY                DIAMETE                 HEIGHT
                           LITERS GALLON      MM   INCHES          MM   INCHES

R-15UG            1,500        390            1285  50.59             1430   56.30
R-25UG            2,500        660            1400  55.12             1800   70.87

R-40UG            4,000        1050          1830  72.05             1840   72.44

R-80UG            8,000       2100           2250  88.58             2260   88.98

R120UG           12,000     3170           2630  103.54           2560  100.79