Weida Galaxy Tank (Pre-fabricated Water Tank) Product Launch

Weida Galaxy Tank (Pre-fabricated Water Tank)


Newest product launched by your trusted Polyethylene Specialist.


We are now officially launching our newest product, the Galaxy Tank. This storage tank is a pre-fabricated water tank manufactured from high quality Polyethylene that is used to store all kinds of water. An aesthetically designed tank to meet your water storage requirements and at the same time made affordable. The capacities available are from 450 Liters, 900 Liters and 1800 Liters.

We have produced a new pre-fabricated water tank series to meet our clients’ demand to supply a cost-effective but retaining our established quality in supplying Polyethylene water tanks. With the given capacities available, this can be applied to different type of projects pertaining to mass housing, residential, small scale commercial projects, government projects and also under private local developers and contractors.

Providing a one-piece seamless water tank that is durable, leak-proof and fabricated using a non-toxic Polyethylene material that is safe for drinking. What’s more is that our Galaxy Tank water storage tank has thick gray walls to prevent the water in being exposed to the direct temperature of the sunlight which causes algae growth. Weida Philippines can surely supply your needs for an affordable water storage tank that gives you an effective and efficient way in having an adequate water supply for your project.

The Galaxy Tank P.E water storage tank will soon be available at our authorized dealers and DIY depots near your area.