Why Choose Weida?

Weida Philippines, Inc.

Through our manufacturing capabilities, WEIDA is able to provide environmental engineering solutions which consist of water resource management, renewable energy and environmental conservation as well as pipeline services.

The synergy and convergence of solutions, coupled with our design-and build approach have made us unique as our environmental friendly products are designed to fully support our clients' sustainability objectives.

Our customer also benefits from broad access to a wealth of global involvement and strong alliance with a network of international technology partners across the globe.


Quality Assurance

WEIDA's products achieve the highest levels of quality certification and approval, both at home and abroad. The Group's various manufacturing processes are governed by stringent quality control policies and procedure to ensure quality conformity and consistent product standards. In addition , a strong network of alliances with renowned multinational raw material suppliers and product manufacturers has provided us access to the latest technologies and trends enabling us to offer technologically advanced products and solutions to our clients.