Rejang Series

Rejang tank system aesthetics and surface finish to match with most buildings' exterior. Optimum footprint for capacity and minimal space requirement. Lower height for easier maintenance. Designed and manufactured with proprietary ZeO technology.

Downpipe filter,filters and collects rainwater from downpipe. Suitable for roofs up to 100m2. .Flow rate is 11.6L per seconds(maximum) , 1.1 liter(clean water)

First flush diverter, removes dissolved pollutants and prevents it from entering the tank. Automatic operation(non-electrical and non-mechanized parts).

Part fill valve,ensures continues operation of the rainwater harvesting system during periods of low or no localized rainfall. Maintains minimum water level inside the tanks while leaving capacity for the next rainfall.

- Quality assurance of harvested rainwater even during periods of prolonged storage.
- Prevention of Algae growth.
- Strength enhancement of overall tank structure by additional reinforcements at critical areas.
- UV defender to ensure long-term structural integrity in typical environment.
- Resistant to mosquito intrusion and proliferation by special inner lining treatment.


600/1,200 liters


Rejang 600- 1,500x 450x 1,400 (height)mm

Rejang 1,200-2,040x 370x 2,040(height) mm


Polyethylene (PE)


Downpipe filter, Firstflush diverter, Part fill valvel